Have Your Company Vehicles Sell For You

If you want to stay up to date with 21st century marketing, vehicle livery advertising is the way to go.

Not only does it cost less than most other kinds of advertising, but it also provides a noticeable and effective way for small businesses and startups alike to promote themselves successfully

About Vehicle Livery

If you want to be known for something more than the generic white van, vehicle sign-writing is a great way to attract customers. With our design templates, you can find the right solution for your car, van or truck.

Vehicle wrapping is a cost-effective way of creating a recognisable brand image. It's also interesting to note that more and more businesses are using it to make great use of otherwise under-utilised advertising space.

Brand consistency is important - your look needs to be consistently reinforced across your sites, print materials and cars so customers know they can rely on you.

If your advertising is always moving with life of its own, this one could be the way to go. It’s impossible for people to miss!

Why Company Branding?

There are a few reasons why business owners may be considering having their fleet painted with company branding. Perhaps you employ different sections of your business to deliver goods in trucks, or you use large vehicles for deliveries, or you have a fleet of cars in the sales department.

The only major expense you’ll need to take into account when considering a car wrap is the initial cost for the wrap itself. There are no ongoing costs, and with a little care & attention your wrap will last for years!

By using vehicle signage, you make your business appear both professional and reliable to your customers. The wrap that is said to last anywhere from 5-8 years per application would provide for long lasting return after the initial investment.

Car Wrap Professionals Can Wrap Most Vehicles

You can use traditional vinyl wrap, digital printing, or apply stickers. This is a very important point – truck wraps have a clear advantage, but consistency across the entire fleet is the key to success.

In short, small cars can also create a buzz. Every vehicle has amazing graphics that road users will appreciate and which will help your brand to create a strong online presence. As a company that’s on the go and in view, your vehicle is worth investing in. Check out vehicle wrapping to get a sleek, eye-catching design that’s always on display

Vehicle Livery Design

To be honest, this is not a project you’d want to do on your own. Though it may seem like a one-off investment, your best results will come from working with the professionals to do it right. When designing a vehicle wrap, one must take the shape of the vehicle into account. A skilled designer will now what to do to create a unique & bold design which will make your business stand out.

If vehicle livery is right for you, then get in touch with us at Leicester Car Wrapping. Vehicle wraps are a great way to enhance your brand identity. We can offer an end-to-end service that will turn your vehicle into a stylish branded asset, helping you to grow your business in the Leicestershire area and beyond.

If you're looking to for protection, then speak to us about paint protection films by giving us a call.