Why Invest in A Paint Protection Film?

Cars will inevitably pick up a variety of scratches and paintwork blemishes. A paint protection film can help you to avoid these issues, as well as giving your vehicle a unique look. Here at LCW, we can offer expert car wrapping and professionally fitted paint protection films.

The use of protecting your car’s paint is considered by many to be an essential safety precaution and is recommended by many car dealerships.

To protect the paintwork on your car, keep in mind that there are several different products available. From products that are priced affordably for DIY enjoyment to treatments that can cost thousands on the top of the range cars, each option is unique and comes with its own benefits.

Is PPF Worth The Hassle and Cost?

Before we answer the question, let’s take a minute to ask ourselves: is car paint protection worth it?

There are many variables that make answering this question a difficult one. What would it feel like if your paintwork got badly scratched? High-quality treatments maybe too expensive for your budget, then they might not be the best choice. If you have a worse paint job, consider a DIY solution or try to maintain your car in a protected parking space.

If you will not be driving on the motorway or parking your car in an area that is often polluted, then a PPF might not be worth the expense. If you do drive your car on a lot of motorways, then you may need to give some thought to adding paint protection.

Ever been the victim of a car scratch? They happen more often than you think and can happen to cars in many car parks.

Protecting Your Car’s Paint Yourself

You can apply wax or sealant after washing your car which protects the paint finish. Although it won't do as much as a professional service, it will still make your car look better and is cheaper than going to a bodyshop.

You can also buy DIY paint repair kits from your local hardware store. Some will need to be put on and with a short wait as it dries, like an bodyshop would apply, and some only need the product and a sponge to put on - they're cheaper too.

These home kits will have different life spans. Some are designed to need to be reapplied after 3-4 days, whereas others provide a week or more of coverage.

Car Paint Protection From The Spray Can

If you're considering a new car, you might want to ask the dealer about paint protection. This is like DIY at home with an even more involved process done by a professional. Applying a protective wax coating to your car is an easy way of ensuring your paint stays in good condition for longer.

These treatments, can keep your paintwork protected for up to 5 years. They're often sold at car dealerships and are worth getting if you intend to keep the vehicle for a while. The opportunity to do this treatment today isn't guaranteed, so if you want it done within the next few days then it's best to book now.

Using A Film To Protect Your Paint

Clear plastic protective film can be expensive although a great way to avoid your car’s paintwork being scratched or chipped. It covers the car from all angles and can be applied just to the front or the whole car.

You'll need to reapply protection regularly in the long run. While scratches will build up on the plastic, eventually they will be more visible and need a fresh application of protection

Despite the paint lasting much longer than most similar products, it will still get scratched somehow. A vandal can also damage the paintwork even if they're not really trying to - all it takes is a simple scratch.