Car Detailing in Leicester

Car detailing is on the rise in the UK. It started popular in America but has crossed over to this side of the pond. You could call it car detailing or car valeting, but the end result is the same. This process includes more than just a basic wash-and-wax job to get your car sparkling clean.

Car detailing is something that should only be done every few months or when you are feeling like your car could use a fresh look. These professional cleaning services can do everything from an interior, exterior, and even upholstery clean.

The final product should leave your car spotless and shiny. Valeting generally covers all the hard-to-reach areas of your car to get it perfect. You can valet your own cars, but it's always better to get them done by professionals. Professional cleaning service will ensure that no stains or any other traces of dirt are left to detract from your property.

What Gets Done in Detailing A Car?

Different car detailing services will vary depending on the requirements of the client. The pricing for this will depend on how much you're willing to spend but other variables may include your personal preferences about how much attention should be given to different aspects of your vehicle.

Secondly, it depends on the level of detail you want the technician to go into. A comprehensive package would cover the following:

Detailing the Inside of A Car

  • Carpet & mats cleaning - this will include repairing any tears or burns to the car's carpet. The valeting technician will usually use car carpet shampoo to remove any stains, leaving the mats looking like new.
  • Air Vent Cleaning: Compressed air and brushes are the weapons of choice for air vents. They will remove any particles & moisture that have built up over time, which are likely to cause unwanted smells.
  • Window seals: You can typically request for your valet to clean the inside of the window seals.
  • Upholstery cleaning: Leather protection is often applied, this will check and treat any cracks in the leather.
  • Air freshener: This one will emit a pleasant fragrance like vanilla, lavender or apple pie. The best part is that it will also keep the whole car fresh and deodorised.

Detailing The Outside of A Car

  • Alloy wheels cleaning: You can clean your alloy wheels with special cleaners or by pressure-washing them. Please note that this is not a repair service and will not treat areas of damage on your alloy wheels. You'll need to find an alloy wheel repair service.
  • Tyre cleaning: We can use our specialised products to get your tyres looking like new.
  • We will thoroughly clean the outside of your car by applying a specialty cleaner to get it looking great.
  • Removing contaminants: Contaminants (small particles) can get on cars and leave a film behind. You can wash them away with specialised cleaning products.
  • Car polishing involves polishing away fine lines on the paint surface. This can be done with a rotary polishing machine, which also removes the "coffee stain" look.
  • Waxing is an extra step after paint treatments. It will help protect the car's body, resist minor marks and just generally look better.
  • Last chance to use the window cleaner! If you clean your windows last, any other product you used in previous steps will be removed and make the window shine.

It’s important to know that car detailing does not include car body repairs. If you need a bumper or scratch repair, get in contact with us.

Car Detailing Costs

The price for a car detailing job varies depending on the level of service you require. A basic exterior wash & interior clean can cost about £35-£60. If you're looking for a top of the range clean, including an in-depth clean of both the interior and exterior, that could be more expensive.

Your car will be cleaned but not repaired after you get your vehicle detailed. This is why we strongly recommend our car detailing service to help with any repairs; take a look at our online form for your free quote.

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