Professional Car Wrapping Services in Leicester

Looking to change the look and feel of your car?

LCW provides a professional car and vehicle wrap service to customers in and around Leicester. 

We have over 8 years' of industry experience in the vehicle wrapping, van graphics and livery sector.

Our established and experienced company provides a professional car wrap service to individual customers and vehicle graphics and livery to local businesses, with value for money pricing.

At our fully insured and kitted-out workshop, we have expert technicians helping customers save time and money.

At LCW we offer and fit high-quality vehicle wraps, branded vehicle solutions and paint protection film.

This really is the easiest, cost effective way to change the look and feel of your car. 

We can also add a paint protection film to your vehicle to protect against scratches and stone chips.

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Why Have Your Car Wrapped?

  • Overall costs less than repainting
  • Most vehicles can be wrapped
  • Easy to revert back to before wrapping
  • Many options available for a unique look

One of the Best Car Wrapping Companies

Our company has an exceptional record and reputation at wrapping cars, earned by delivering and exceeding customer expectations. We pride our vehicle wrapping service on meticulous attention to detail and being very good listeners so we can understand your exact car customisation requirements so our work meets your approval.

Our expert-led team have 8+ years of wrapping cars in the Leicestershire area and are overseen by our workshop manager, working to exceptionally high standards. Our customers believe we're friendly, conscientious, meticulous and above all, trustworthy.

From our initial inspection of your vehicle, you'll receive a clear and specific price quote, so you know you're getting value for money and a service carried out at the highest standards.

changing the colour of a bmw

Our Services

  • Vehicle colour changes
  • Paint protection films
  • Graphics, design, branding and livery
  • Wrapping repairs

Here's a little selection of our work

Our professional team of vehicle technicians are experts in car wrapping.

Complete Vehicle Wrap Solutions

To completely change the colour of a car involves a lot of work, money and time. Attention to detail is vital. 

The process starts with washing the car, which removes dust or any loose dirt. A clay bar comes next. The clay bar ensures the surface has no road grime or tar and ensures the car surface is fully prepped.

Next, the emblems, tail lights, headlights, grills, bumpers, mirrors, handles, and the doors are safely removed. They are removed so that our technicians can clean any excess dirt from the surrounding parts and edges.

Our workshop staff use a special surface cleaner to fully decontaminate the car and eliminate wax and any other substances. Adhesive compounds that can compromise the paint are avoided at all costs. 

One of the most vital parts of fitting a car wrap is the prep, and it has to be handled carefully. For all our Leicestershire clients, we arrange delivery and car collection for the bespoke car wrapping services where needed.

After the car has been successfully wrapped, your car will sport a completely new look! Car wrapping is also an effective asset when it comes to protecting your car's paintwork. If well maintained, the colour of a vehicle can last longer. 

For a daily driven vehicle, the colour can last for over three years. Unfortunately, manufacturers tend to exaggerate that time to 5-7 years.

Therefore, car wrapping is another option that saves you from having to have your vehicle re-painted.

Car Wrapping will not compromise its resale value in a negative way and in some cases it can increase the car's value

Advantages of Vehicle Wrapping

There are several benefits and most especially for the paintwork.

  1. Preserves and protects the vehicle from all weather conditions.
  2. Helps keep environmental contaminants away.
  3. Protects the car from stone chips and rocks, which damage the paint and cause rust on the vehicle.
  4. Protects the paintwork from intense UV rays and the sun, which speeds up the oxidation of the paintwork, causing fading.
  5. Protects the paintwork from light scratches, swirl marks and scuffs. These tend to lower the value of the car, especially during a resale.
  6. When the wrap is removed, the scratches will not have reached the vehicle's paintwork.

Your Questions Answered

What is Car Wrapping?

It’s the process of covering a car in a thin, adhesive vinyl. It used to be used mostly on commercial vehicles for advertising and branding purposes. These days it’s used as a more efficient way of changing the look and feel of a vehicle.

Can Wrapping a Car Cause Damage?

No, the vinyl films used have been created so that they can be removed. The installation and removal of vinyl wrap should not damage the original paint on the car. There may be instances where a car has been paint sprayed over the original paint and this may cause the after market paint to not bond as well to the car. Car wrapping  can also provide another layer of protection to your car’s body and original paintwork.

Can Wraps Be Removed?

Yes, they can be removed easily so long as they were installed correctly using the right tools and techniques. If you decide to sell your car or need to return it back then you may want to remove the vinyl film. Vinyl wrapping is the cheapest and easiest way to change the colour of your car.

How Long Will It Take to Wrap My Car?

It really depends whether we are applying a full or partial wrap as the time it takes will be different for each. On average full car wraps can take around one working week.

How Long Will It Last?

The condition of your car will determine the lifespan of your wrap. The lifespan of the average car wrap is typically around 5 years.